Hey Friends. I made a new journal randomly to show Lauren a layout and I just decided to use it as soon as the layout is made =) When it's ready, I'll post the new username and I want all of you that still want to be on my friends list to add me there =) This journal will still be here, I'm not deleting it or anything I just probably won't update.

Thanks for reading this. Comment and tell me if you still want to be LJ friends.

My new journal's layout has an ashlee simpson layout. i like her, she's my new obsession (not close to good charlotte) so i made her my layout =D i'm cool. just thought you might want to know =)

happy trails
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All the things left undiscovered

It's been a week since I have updated this mother =) Sorry kids. I've really just been hanging out with Lauren and Cody this week. Fun Times. I went to Cody's two days ago and I came home and had a present on the table for me from my mom and dad for my BIRTHDAY (which is MONDAY) and it was a cell phone partAy. It's a phone with a plan which is cool. I get 100 minutes but its free nights and weekends unlimited. so PARTY.

Uhm didn't really do anything today 'cept make invitations =) that was fun.. and ate haha.

Tomorrow, I gotta babysit but LEAH LYNN is coming over so PARTY =D. I was gonna go to the movies with Lauren and Cody to see The Village but Lauren has a wedding to go to.. We might go Saturday Cody said.. so COOL =D

My mom, sister, and Luke leave for FLORIDA tomorrow =( and Rita's buying Warped Tickets tomorrow, FINALLY. They won't be home for my birthday =( I was gonna go with them to Florida but I guess they decided on I can't come because of Hunter and blah =( MEANIES. not cool..

Well.. I'll have a new update for you when I want.. bye
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Party Party

Uhm lately nothing has been goin' on. Me and Lauren just PARTIED like woah =) Good Times.

I need to go swimming more because that's FUN.

I went out to eat with the family + lauren. lol we went to Lone Star i wasn't really hungry but GOSH they had yummy food. It's really weird bcuz like nobody was there sick people the food was GOOOOOD =)

Nothing more to say.


I want a fricking shower.

Hmm.. Monday, I went to CEDAR POINT! WOO baby it was a blast =) I don't feel like going into detail though. I rode the top thrill dragster front row with Sarah. Great ride.. my new favorite.

Tuesday, we checked out of the Hotel at 12. Then we went out to eat.. yummy. After we drove home and dropped everyone off. My mom then took me to meijers for my Ashlee Simpson CD. They didn't have it and I got two pairs of shorts =) Then she took me to Media Play I GOT IT! WOO BABY. It's hot. Then I just came home and was bored?

Wednesday, Andrew and his friend, Nick, came over and we sat here.. haha that's fun. Then we ended up going to Lauren's house and Melanie was there. We played on the trampoline with the hose. hahaha FUN TIME =) We ate. Then Andrew and Nick left at around 4ish and Lauren, Melanie, and I ate Jell-O with straws haha we're so cool. Melanie left at 5ish? My mom came and got me and Lauren for church at around 6:30ish. After church she took us to McDonalds because I wanted it. Yay. Lauren spent the night =) Oh yes, I was on the phone until 2:00 A.M. exactly. Party.

Today, I got up at like early? because my aunt knocked on the door and she got Hunter and I went back to bed. I got woken up by Lauren and I told her to just go online because I was still tired. I got up at like 11ish maybe 12. I wanted to shower but Lauren wouldn't let me. My mom came home, I cleaned the kitchen and then I went to go take a shower but my mom woudln't let me because she's cleaning the bathroom.. not cool. I need a shower. Hahaha my mom bought me the Veet stuff haha I wanna play with it =) Seems fun. Well, me and Lauren want to go to the mall with Cody but he doesn't know what time and shiz. My mom said I can't go nowhere but that's stupid. =) Wellll... that's it. Bye.
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Yesterday, I went to Melanie's around 6 something WOOOO We swam and went for a WALK. We also had nice conversations it was FUNNNNN like woah. We called Andrew because he lives close to her but he wasn't home... my mom picked me up around 10:20ish and when I got home I looked at the pictures from Florida hahaha they're priceless =) When I was sending them Andrew called me so of course I got off =) me and him had a nice talk.. nice nice..

Today Leah Lynn is coming over to help me babysit.. yesterday, on the phone, Andrew said he wanted to come over but I called him eariler and nobody answered.. he told me to make sure I called to wake him up and he'd answer.. liar =) oh well.. me and Leah need our time together.. I MISS HER LIKE WOAH.

That's all peace
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Tuesday: I don't remember what I did... But I know I had fun =)

Wednesday: I went to Church w/ Lauren.. Cool time. I really don't remember what I did this day..

Thursday: Spent the night at Laurens =) We played with PANTIEHOES lol Gosh we're cool.. And we played with our water; as usual. WE HAD FUNNNNNNNNNNN =D Oh yeah, and we called Andrew lmao and that kids a stoner =) but I love him.. OOOOOHHHH yeah Eminem tried to RAPE ME.. sick guy.. 2 times =) lol [insider]

Friday: Cody's sister, Stephanie, picked me and Lauren up at my house at around 6:30ish maybe.. and took us back to Cody's. We partied for some minutes then tried his Muffins lol thennnn we watched 8 Mile goood movie =) I liked it.. plus Eminem is SEXY =D When I got home I called Andrew.. we talked then hung up and he called me back.. talked lol then hung up and he called me back we did that 4 times? Fun kid. I <3 him

Today: I woke up and waited for Rita to get out of the bathroom so I could take a shower. Took my shower. Then I cleaned the kitched while listening to my SEXY *Nsync // Celebrity CD =) I love busting out my old cds and listening to them.. =) It's FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I don't know what else I'm doing today.. Andrew said he'd call? Sounds fun..
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